Deliciously Nutritious Super Salads

The Original Superfood Salad

Sweet Kale Salad

Vegetable Salad Kit

Contains 7 Superfoods

Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit

Ginger Bok Choy Salad

Vegetable Salad Kit

Contains 6 Superfoods

Ginger Bok Choy Salad Kit

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Nutrient-rich Superfoods & Gourmet Flavor Packed in Every Bag

Eat Smart’s newest vegetable salad kits combine highly nutritious superfoods with great taste. These fresh vegetable blends are perfectly paired with toppers and dressings to deliver restaurant-inspired flavors. Now available are our Sweet Kale Salad and Ginger Bok Choy Salad kits. Gourmet salads have never been so easy to prepare – just open the bag, mix, and serve.